Patch Notes 0.4.17 (03/04/2019)


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  • Patch tonight is mostly to fix the FPS issues and to prepare for instancing. Last weeks patch cause massive FPS drops making the game unplayable on some devices. Our focus this week will be to get instancing completed and implemented in the game.


  • PC and Mac: Download the game from by Clicking Here
  • Android: (Click Here) Once approved by Google you can play.
  • iOS (Click Here) Once approved by Apple you can play.



  • FPS Size Fixed
  • Instancing has been updated and portal removed from map.
  • Map system has been updated.
  • Fixed a few issues with the UI menus.
  • Memory issue has been resolved for the server.


  • Helmets are too small.
  • Other armor is too small or out of place.


  • Do you or someone you know have experience in UI Design? We’re looking for a talented individual to assist us with design and artwork for our new UI.
  • We are also looking for a talented sfx/composer to assist us with sound and music composition.

Positions currently are for freelancers on a contractual basis. All inquiries related to UI Design, Graphics Design, and SFX/Music composition may submitted via email to