POLL: Vote for your favorite upcoming outfit & Name Suggestions!


Hey guys! We’ve got some new outfits in development for Trulion we want to show you. These are some examples of the premium shop outfits and potential Patreon backer outfits that will be rewarded when we release the game early next year.

Which are your favorites?
Have a suggestion for a name for an outfit? Suggest one in this thread and we’ll be making another poll after this to select the name for the winning outfit! The person who suggests the winning name will win a copy of the outfit in game completely free!

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Which is your favorite? (Forum Poll)

#1 and #2 kinda gives like a steampunk look.
#3 is like a demon set armor
#4 and #5 looks like something a captain would wear back in the day.
#6 and #11 I have no clue
#7 Reminds me of some sort of red shark armor
#8 Looks like some underwater king would wear
#9 Gives off assassin vibes
#10 Kinda looks like a Samurai Set

  1. Mad Scientist
  2. I couldn’t find one for this one
  3. Apocalypse Armor
  4. Party Vest
  5. Captains Outfit
  6. Legendary Waitress
  7. Evil Witch
  8. Elvish Armor
  9. Assassines Gear
  10. Samurai Gear
  11. Fair Knight Armor



Name Suggestions:
Steampunk Scientist
Basic steampunk Gear
Red Devil Set
(Cant find name for this one)
Captain’s vest
Feather Armor
Demon Shark Armor
Poseidon Set
Assassin Gear
Samurai Set
Silver Armor


*May be generic but it’s just “class name”, something unique can be added I can give some ideas.

My personal favorite was 9, seems like some sort of overpowered Ninja that was trained like any other Ninja but realized his real powers and betrayed his trusted ones. Now a villain that can defeat anyone or anything that comes across.

1: Engineer
2: Bandit
3: Viking
4: Jester
5: Pirate/Captain
6: Mage
7: Dark Mage
8: Warrior
9: Hunter
10: Samurai
11: Elf


3,8 & 9 for me although they all awesome in their own way.
3&8 the stand out ones that look cool
And 9 looks gives me mix of reddead and twd beta kinda vybe, idk why aha