Spar Suggestions


Here is a list of all my ideas for the future of the spar arena:

There could be some sort of 2v2 match where you and your other teammate have to fight against other 2 players so it’s kinda like a duel spar.

There could also be guild spar which would be the same thing as the duel spar suggestion but instead with your guild you can fight against another guild for practice.

If you want to have an equal fight then a spar where both the players have the default tools and armor on to create a equal fight. It could be called Equal Spar or something like that but this idea may not work because players may go into their inventory to change armor.


Good suggestions. Thank you!

I’d love to get 2v2, and 6v6 skirmishes going where you can queue up for these and either join with party members or join another group. I’ve seen this done in another game as well. Can then have leaderboards for these.

Another thing I was thinking is we’d eventually want to have Ranked spars. This would be a different queue you can join and any wins/losses are tallied into the rankings for the season’s league. At the end of every season prizes are given out based on your ranking. Everyone in ranked sparring can get some sort of prize, but the top placed people would get possibly a seasonal unique or very rare cosmetic/title along with some other nice stuff for prizes.

Guild spar would be nice to set up for practice between guilds. No real loss or scoring but just something for them to do between one another. Especially useful for guild alliances to train with each other.

Equal fight/spar is totally possible. While in the spar we’d force your stats to remain at specific attack/defense/block%/crit%. Could probably also make it set your HP to a specific amount as well. When you leave the arena this would just go away.